About Me

My Style

Being able to capture someones moments truly means living it with them, so friends and family have been my biggest support to leading me where I am now. Friends who have helped behind the sences and loved being in front of the camera has helped me get one step closer to where I am. For that I'm thankful! This trek through life has been one for the books. As I capture these moments my stlye has become truley one I love. Nothing can stand in my way to what I'd love to learn. 

Love for photography

My love started when I got my first camera. My mother gave me the camera after a trip to mcdonalds in canmore where it was the toy in my happy meal.  

A Purple polaroid one. I couldnt take enough photos. ( pretty sure i stole my brothers film) 

Since then I've grown loving capturing moments that we create as humans. 

Its our marks in life. 

Bruno Engler Was one of the biggest inspirations in life. The Black and whites photos are my Favorite because they are raw and take a moment and give it life.

Family & Friends

No one knows me better then my friends and family.  I'm one lucky lady because it has grown daily. So, if  I am not behind the camera I can be found adventuring in our beautiful backyard in alberta with my friends and family, making more moments.